“Poor Ryan. He never knew what he was walking into. I tried to warn him. He made a rookie mistake. You never actually try to debate Breezy. He should have just done what I always do.”

I gave Allie a quizzical look. “What do you do?”

Allie paused, looked around the room to see if anyone was listening, then suddenly burst into a great big, conspiratorial grin. “Avoid the argument entirely with entertaining one-liners and quick wit, of course.”

Fast-thinking, quick-witted, and keenly perceptive, Allie is extremely clever. She has a razor-sharp sense of humor that makes her fun to be around. With the gift to make everyone around her laugh, she will often put on a show to send her siblings into hysterics. She likes to tease her siblings in a playful, but never hurtful, manner. Allie can be very silly, to the point where it seems she doesn’t take anything seriously. While she’s quick to make light of anything she deems inessential, she is deeply passionate about the things important to her. She is highly protective of her family and will fight to defend them. Bold, strong, and assertive, she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and for what’s right. She is the first to stick up for the powerless and confront bullies, both inside and outside her family. Even though it is often hidden behind her witty humor, she is motivated by a strong internal sense of justice.