Breezy gave me a concerned look. “Are you okay, Cap? You seem a little anxious.” That was the one problem with Breezy. Hiding your feelings from her wasn’t an option.

Calm, kind, and earnest, Breezy is close to a pure soul. She is genuinely honest, wise, and capable of almost superhuman levels of compassion. Her siblings think of her as the family sage and will turn to her for help and advice. Ever the peacekeeper, Breezy possesses the rare gift to remain calm, collected, and balanced in almost any situation. She is a natural empath, where she easily picks up on the feelings of others, and psychically reads the energy around her. This makes her a natural nurturer, and she is highly skilled in calming and comforting others in a manner that would make any bedside nurse seethe with envy. She can instantly sense dishonesty and deception. Breezy can also be a real stickler for rules and has strong principles of what is right and wrong. If it was necessary, she would stand and defend those principles to the death. She is soft-spoken and gentle, but becomes firm and confident when she needs to take a stand.

Breezy’s twin sister is Hazy. Breezy and Hazy are so close they are nearly psychically connected. They can read each other’s minds, have conversations with each other in their heads, and speak in unison. They are rarely apart.