“You should have stayed. It was awesome!” Chase proclaimed to Becky.

“Awesome is not the word I would use,” Allie started to say, but Chase steamrolled ahead, explaining what happened with animated energy. He babbled breathlessly, speaking as if he was describing an exhilarating ride on a roller coaster.

“It was just amazing,” Chase finished.

Chase craves excitement and will cheer on anything dramatic or entertaining, even when it isn’t always appropriate. Due to this, he can be a little naive and unaware of genuine danger. His over-enthusiasm sometimes leads him to trouble. He hates boredom and despises tedious chores like washing dishes. He loves food, TV, and sleeping in late. He is greatly concerned with fairness and will go out of his way to set things right, even if it’s against his own interest. He is a kind person and a loyal friend, but insecure with himself, and will often put himself down and allow others to mistreat him.