Part Two-Capricorn’s Journal: My Family’s Fight for Survival

From the award-winning author of The Munchkins, comes this edge-of-your-seat sequel.

While imprisoned by her evil neighbor, Big Boss, Capricorn Munch tells her family’s story. 

Stripped of their magical powers, Capricorn and her twelve siblings plan to flee from Big Boss. Then their escape comes to a grinding halt: Their father goes missing. As the Munch children search desperately for their father, their lives rapidly spiral into a living nightmare. They suddenly find themselves in a fight for their own survival, as they struggle to find money, food, and avenues of help, all the while fearing their family being separated. Their greatest threat, however, is Big Boss, who takes advantage of their new vulnerability and torments them daily, using the powers he stole from them against them. Armed with these powers, Big Boss is a nearly invincible enemy, and his cruelty only escalates. As the Munch children find some support from new friends, they uncover a sinister plot against them that goes much deeper than they ever imagined. Now, there are multiple mysteries to unlock, and the key to solving them is connected to their past. In order to survive, the Munch children will need to depend on each other more than they ever had before. But will it be enough?

Capricorn’s Journal is a YA page-turner that shines with intellect and wit.” – Eli Horowitz, author of Kobold Kody’s Frontier Exposition and Tonic Show

“A breathtaking journey…the kids are a perfect blend of courage, resilience, and innocence…a brilliant portrayal of evil and injustice.” – Readers’ Favorite