Twisty, Carlie, Becky, and Kitty Munch

Twisty (Theresa) Munch

“Well, CC’s not here right now, is he?” Twisty declared defiantly, spinning rapidly on her heels and running off with her braids bouncing behind her. Twisty (a nickname for Theresa, but she hated that name and didn’t allow it to be used in her presence), had always been a bit of a troublemaker and had a real rebellious streak. Just the thought of doing something that was against CC’s rules excited her greatly.

Twisty has a powerful, imposing, and commanding presence. She is highly dynamic and confrontational, and always willing to stand her ground and fight. She won’t put up with disrespect from anyone, especially her siblings, and when she is wronged she becomes extremely vengeful. She breaks the rules just for the thrill of breaking them, and hardly ever thinks of the consequences of her actions. She can be very mean-spirited and a real bully at times, and often picks on her siblings. However, this aggressive behavior is rooted in insecurity, and deep down Twisty is riddled with low self-esteem. She acts tough as an attempt to hide her own feelings of inferiority. She is also somewhat naive and doesn’t understand how serious and hurtful her actions are. She is capable of being nicer, and her softer side is probably most visible in her relationship with her sister Carlie. Twisty and Carlie are best friends and almost always together. Twisty is protective of Carlie and looks after her. She is a good person to have fighting in your corner, but you definitely don’t want her on your bad side.

Carlie Munch

How about we play tag?” said Justin. 

“No,” said Carlie. “I don’t like tag.”

“What are you talking about, Carlie? “ Ashley said. “You love tag.”

“Well I don’t want to play it today,” Carlie scowled.

“You’re so stubborn,” Ashley frowned.

Carlie is technically the baby of the family in every sense of the word. She was 5 when she was adopted and so the last to turn 10 (when the Munch children stop aging). She is small, very short (around 4 feet tall), and highly immature. She can be very stubborn, egocentric, and insistent on getting her own way. Because she is so immature she is also very naive and gullible. She is extremely loyal to Twisty and follows her around like a puppy. She defends her without hesitation and in Carlie’s eyes, Twisty can do no wrong. Carlie follows everything Twisty says and does and is so fixated on being just like her that it sometimes seems she isn’t capable of thinking independently.

Becky Munch

“How about Simon Says then?” Justin said.

“That sounds good but I want to be Simon,” said Becky. Everyone groaned in unison. Becky seemed to thrive on telling her siblings what to do. Simon Says was the perfect game for her.

Becky is bossy, demanding, direct, and a bit rude at times. She gives her siblings orders instead of making polite requests. She gets irritated and hot-tempered when she’s called out on her rudeness, but Becky has no problem with calling others out on their own behavior, even her friends. She is very much her own person and makes independent decisions, even if they are not in line with the rest of her siblings. In some ways, she and Twisty have much in common, with the major exception that, unlike Twisty, Becky is not at all naive. Savvy and shrewd, Becky is not easily fooled, and because she thinks for herself, she makes genuinely wise decisions and has a great sense of judgment.

Kitty Munch

“I’m trying Rye Bread, but Kit-Cat is too good for me. She’s a great pitcher,” Allie said. 

“Thanks, Allie,” Kitty said modestly, blushing a little from the compliment.

Kitty is very meek, extremely quiet, and painfully shy. She barely ever says a word, and when she does speak it’s usually in a whisper. She tries to make herself as invisible as possible. She’s way too docile and submissive, which makes her an easy target, and she does nothing to defend herself. Kitty is talented in several ways, but she lacks confidence in her own skills. For one thing, she’s good at sports and pitching a ball. For another, she is a fantastic cook. She spends most of her time in the kitchen preparing and cooking food for her family. Breakfast dishes are her specialty, and she loves to make delicious meals like vegan waffles, pancakes, and French toast from scratch.

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