Allie scrunched her face in frustration, writing and erasing answers, then flung her paper in Ashley’s face, looking for help.

Ashley took the paper, pushed her glasses down to examine it closely, and handed it right back to Allie. “The answer is 8.”

Ashley is technically the oldest of the Munch children since she was 9 when she was adopted and so the first to turn 10 (when the Munchkins gained their powers and stopped aging). Therefore, she somewhat sees herself as a leader and feels it is partly her responsibility to keep the rest of her siblings in check. This is especially true with Carlie, the youngest of the Munch children. She often speaks on behalf of her siblings to their father and makes announcements. She has a close relationship with her sister and roommate Kitty. Ashley is not only the oldest, but she is also the fastest, tallest, and most agile person in the family. Due to this, she is a skilled athlete and good at sports. In addition, she is a computer and video game buff and a huge math whiz. She’s already taken high-school-level classes, so she’s had prior practice with mathematical computations and algebraic equations. She’s skilled with numbers and likes facts and data. She is also assertive, says what she thinks, and doesn’t beat around the bush.