“How about Simon Says then?” Justin said.

“That sounds good but I want to be Simon,” said Becky. Everyone groaned in unison. Becky seemed to thrive on telling her siblings what to do. Simon Says was the perfect game for her.

Becky is bossy, demanding, direct, and a bit rude at times. She gives her siblings orders instead of making polite requests. She gets irritated and hot-tempered when she’s called out on her rudeness, but Becky has no problem with calling others out on their own behavior, even her friends. She is very much her own person and makes independent decisions, even if they are not in line with the rest of her siblings. In some ways, she and Twisty have much in common, with the major exception that, unlike Twisty, Becky is not at all naive. Savvy and shrewd, Becky is not easily fooled, and because she thinks for herself, she makes genuinely wise decisions and has a great sense of judgment.