“Hey, Capricorn, you still with me?” Justin’s voice broke into my daydream. Oops. I must have zoned out again. I really need to stop doing that.

Capricorn is the main character and narrator of the story. Most of the time, Capricorn is the quiet and careful observer in the family. She notices and silently records every detail happening around her, from everything her siblings say to people’s facial expressions. Since she remembers everything so accurately, she can tell her family’s story perfectly. Capricorn is such a good observer, in fact, that she often melds into the background and it’s easy to forget she’s even there. Capricorn closely studies everything that occurs and analyzes what it means, so she is in her head a lot. Sometimes she becomes so absorbed in her surroundings and thinking that she gets lost in her head and completely blanks out. Because she’s always watching and intently examining everything, she has a good read on when trouble is in the air, and spends much time fretting and worrying about what could happen.

Capricorn’s best friend is Allie. Capricorn thinks the world of her and she’s incredibly defensive of her. Even though Capricorn is quiet and reserved most of the time, sometimes her emotions overcome her. When she gets angry, she gets very angry, and she occasionally explodes in rageful outbursts.