How about we play tag?” said Justin.

“No,” said Carlie. “I don’t like tag.”

“What are you talking about, Carlie? “ Ashley said. “You love tag.”

“Well I don’t want to play it today,” Carlie scowled.

“You’re so stubborn,” Ashley frowned.

Carlie is technically the baby of the family in every sense of the word. She was 5 when she was adopted and so the last to turn 10 (when the Munch children stop aging). She is small, very short (around 4 feet tall), and highly immature. She can be very stubborn, egocentric, and insistent on getting her own way. Because she is so immature she is also very naive and gullible. She is extremely loyal to Twisty and follows her around like a puppy. She defends her without hesitation and in Carlie’s eyes, Twisty can do no wrong. Carlie follows everything Twisty says and does and is so fixated on being just like her that it sometimes seems she isn’t capable of thinking independently.