Allie turned next to her and tagged Hazy, but Hazy tagged her right back. They repeatedly tagged each other, laughing deliriously, slapping each other’s hands over and over.

“Let’s play Chaos Tag! Everyone’s it!” Hazy announced.

Sweet, playful, and giddy, Hazy is the picture of innocence. She speaks in a muffled voice, like she has a permanent cold, that causes her to mispronounce words and vowels. However, Hazy is more likely to be seen laughing and giggling, rather than talking. The person who can make Hazy laugh the hardest is Allie, and Hazy idolizes her. Allie easily engages Hazy in her games and leads her off like the pied piper, where Hazy becomes at once captivated by her joyful spirit, oblivious to all else around her. Hazy wears her heart on her sleeve and openly shows how she feels with raw emotion, quickly erupting into rolling laughter or bursting into tears. She is largely a follower and hardly speaks out, preferring to follow the lead of her twin, Breezy. Hazy agrees with nearly everything Breezy says and does, but on rare occasions, when she feels strongly enough, she will go against Breezy’s position and express her own view. She is greatly loyal to Allie and Breezy, so when she does speak up, it is usually in their defense.