” I never understood why we keep these powers a secret and use them all for ourselves on, well, kind of silly things. When we could be doing the world so much good. And the world really needs it. Just think of the things we could do, Capricorn!”

Justin is kindhearted, giving, sensible, and extremely compassionate. He hates conflict and fighting, and whenever tensions arise in his family, he immediately steps in and tries his hardest to keep the peace. He is also an artist and spends lots of his free time drawing nature landscapes. He is more mature than many of his other siblings and is able to see the bigger picture. While his siblings use their powers selfishly, Justin dreams to use them to help people and create a better world. He is an activist like his father, and sees the systemic nature of many of the world’s problems. He takes it upon himself to find small ways to make a difference, like giving people free food, and takes action. He is driven by his desire for a more loving and peaceful world, and to correct its injustices.