“Wait, hold on,” Ryan said. “Something has always been bugging me. Why is this automatically a misuse of magic? We have these powers and we barely get to use them. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Active and energetic, Ryan enjoys physical games, sports, and competition. He also appreciates a good joke and offers many of his own. Ryan is constantly looking for an excuse to use his powers. He attempts to use them more than any of the other Munch children. He doesn’t understand his father’s rules and restrictions on their use and longs to use his powers freely. However, even though he will sometimes sneak and use magic, he genuinely wants to understand the justifications for the strict rules, and he values his siblings’ opinions. So while he wishes to do what he wants with his powers, he hears his siblings out and follows what they say if he thinks they have a fair point. He is an independent thinker and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions and challenge the rules.